I felt terrible. No energy. Just basically not well. It had been that way for many years so that was all I knew. I now feel better than when I was a teenager! I have more stamina, energy and a feeling of well-being. I actually feel healthy.  S.S. 

I was experiencing joint pain in my knees due to my skiing injuries.  My lungs were full from exposure to cigarettes at a young age.  Now, my knee pain has been minimized by balancing my system with supplements and a good diet.  My lung problems were kept in check during cold season.  I have more vitality and long term energy.  I am more focused and at ease.  T.A.

I ate anything I wanted and made excuses for what I wanted to eat to fit into my low-carb diet even if it wasn’t low- carb. Now, I am very aware of the food and the way it’s prepared, that I eat. I am making more of my dinners from scratch with natural ingredients. I am educated to the toxins and chemicals that are in foods and I stay away from them.  R.C. 

My daughter Gloria had difficulty concentrating and focusing for any period of time. Her teachers said she was impulsive. For the first time in Gloria’s 4 years of school, the teachers not only have seen a huge improvement but also say that Gloria is a “pleasure” to work with. As a mom, I feel Gloria has always had qualities that people didn’t see. After her diet change, her teachers finally saw those wonderful qualities.  J.M. 

My diet was terrible.  I was constantly plagued by allergies, most of which had never been identified.  I had a sinus infection almost every month.  My energy level was mostly down.  My diet is healthier now that I know which foods to avoid.  I've had two sinus infections in over six years.  The amazing part is that I worked through them in three days instead of the ongoing 11 days of Antibiotics which upset my stomach and my yeast imbalance.  The best part of all is that my energy level is back to what it was in my 40's.  I'm now 66.  J.D.

My knees were hurting all the time and I was feeling depressed.  Now, I rarely have any knee pain and no depression!  J.P.  

Before, I felt very sluggish, had no energy, depressed, just not myself at all.  Taking antidepressants didn't seem to be enough and made me feel flat!!!  Now, I'm beginning to feel like my old self.  I have been able to stop taking antidepressants and I have more energy to get through the day.  I also feel energized enough to start exercising again.  Thanks!!!  M.M.